Why Hemp

Hemp is a magnificent superfood and is one of nature’s healthiest wonders that is both therapeutic and nutritionally beneficial for the mind and body. The botanical oils stored in hemp seed oil are the perfect source for critical 3:1 balance of Omega 3,6 fatty acids, protein, fiber, essential vitamins and minerals.
Hemp is rich in soluble and insoluble fibers which promotes healthy digestion. The nutritional composition of hemp is unbeatable. This well blended plant based complex supports a robust mind and body.
Hemp seed oil provides joint relief, aides in reduction of inflammation caused by pain and tension. Its healing properties are packed with crucial nutrients needed to maintain a strong immunity and heart while nurturing the skin and brain.
The powerful anti inflammatory and antibacterial benefits make this organically inspired oil ideal for hot spots and yeast build up. Hemp oils can be administered orally and topically.
Revitalize your pet’s daily dietary regimen with a dose of nature. The essence of its earthy, nutty scent and taste is well deserving and satisfying.
To ensure extended life and maximum freshness, hemp based products should be kept stored in the refrigerator, away from heat and direct sunlight. This quality control of the oil ensures that the healthy benefits intended in the raw seed, remains. Our hemp oils are human grade and cold-pressed; exposed to minimal heat and oxygen.
A well nurtured body heals itself; 
Compliments of Mother Nature