The Proof is in The Paw

Rashia, 11 yo 'Warrior Princess' Blue Nose Pitbull Mix

Rashia was rescued from the streets after being hit by a car and is doing great since taking hemp seed oil and dried seaweed supplements in her food everyday. I have noticed her energy level has increased and her mobility is better— she has a pep in her step! Also, her allergies are much improved. After two days of the hemp seed oil, her eyes are no longer runny and the redness is gone from the whites of the eyes.


Susanna U. | Indianapolis, IN

Barkley, 3 yo 'Handsome' Golden Retriever

For the past two years, Barkley had been experiencing itching everyday. After searching for a remedy, I decided to make some adjustments to his daily routine. This included diet, oral and topical treatments. In addition, beginning on 2/8/23, I started adding hemp seed oil and dried seaweed to his food each day. His first full day of no itching was on 2/18/23 and he’s a happy boy! 

Wendi D. | Niagara Falls, NY

Rocky, 6 yo 'Happy' American Staffordshire

I have a very picky eater and he only eats these dog treats! The biscuits are just right for the bigger dogs and can be broken in half for the smaller. Thank you so much for making a healthy treat for my fur-baby!!

Teresa P. | Sheridan, MI

Okaley, 1 yo 'Goofy' Rottweiler Mix

Okaley was suddenly showing signs of hip dysplasia; unable to walk up stairs, back legs were shaking as he tried to walk and would lay down when it got too tough to walk. We use the 1200mg Full Spectrum CBD twice a day and you can tell when it kicks in. He plays with his brothers and throws his tennis ball around the house. He loves life.


Sarah T. | Lockport, NY

Molly, 8 yo 'Cuddly' Bichon Fries

We adopted our sweet Molly two years ago through the organization Rescue Me and along with that adoption came some issues, as expected. Molly was full of anxiety; scared and unsure of everything. She has no tolerance for noise or commotion and prefers not to be around other dogs, especially when they bark or approach her. Not knowing her history, we knew it would take time to gain her trust and confidence in us. In addition, we noticed one day that she became stiff, unable to move and had uncontrollable shaking. In consultation with our vet, she said without expensive neurological testing it would be difficult to give a diagnosis to get to the root of the problem, but she told us that there is a condition called White Dog Shaker Syndrome. Her symptoms were characteristic of that syndrome. We decided instead of putting her on a medication we would research CBD. Hence, The Cheeky Wolf Company came to our “rescue.” To date, she has had only one episode, which to our delight was very mild. We are keeping a journal of how Molly is doing on Hemp Extract, which has been six weeks. We highly recommend The Cheeky Wolf Company products. They are quality products and the best part is that they don’t forget about you after your purchase. I have called and texted them several times for advice and they are always happy to help. Every product is attractively and securely packaged to ensure it’s safe arrival. They are passionate about what they do so that you and your pet have the best and happy years together.


Jerry & Sherry | Fairfield Glade, TN

Stanley, 8 yo 'Adorable' American Cocker Mix

Stanley loves Cheeky Wolf Biscuits. His sensitive tummy and skin rash are now gone. Great product!

Carol J. | Arcadia, CA


Little Miss Sunshine 'Molly'

No dish pan paws for me. Healing Paw Balm keeps my paws, paw holding smooth!

Jerry & Sherry S. | Crossville, TN

Jaxson, 7 yo & Tucker, 14 yo 'Happy' Havanese

My dogs are enjoying the benefits of the hemp seed oil and CBD. It helps them with their joints and mobility, especially 14 yo Tucker. 

Donna D. | Clarence, NY

Emma, 13 yo 'Precious' Calico

Full Spectrum CBD oil has improved my senior cat’s mobility and cognitive behavior. Emma was house soiling and showing physical signs of change . Shortly after giving her the CBD oil everyday, she has returned to her litter box, limping less and purring more! Thank you, The Cheeky Wolf Company.

Jacqui S. | WNY   

Schatzi, 8 yo 'Comical' White German Shepherd

Schatzi is about 1 year out from a TPLO surgery (torn ACL on back leg). The Hemp Seed Oil and Full Spectrum CBD are FANTASTIC! The hemp oil gives him much needed joint lubrication. I find that the CBD oil is really helping with the inflammation and discomfort that comes with him overdoing playtime/outside time. I can’t thank you enough for your QUALITY products. Not only are they human grade and all natural and high quality but they are also DELICIOUS! Or so says Schatzi! Being able to provide him with the best is also a passion of mine because he gives me his best EVERYDAY.

Wendy D. | New Galilee, PA

Tee Tee 'Sweet' As Can Be

She loves the biscuits— I was afraid she would turn her nose up but she kept coming for more. Natural ingredients for my girl! The Fourth of July was frightening and I’m so glad I had the Full Spectrum CBD oil. Tee Tee was shaking like a leaf until I gave her the oil and she settled down after about 15 minutes. I can’t say enough about the products! Thank You so much!

Priscilla H. | NC

Jack, 8 yo 'Old Soul' Lab-Boxer Mix

There are a lot of little black gnats and mosquitoes that fly near Jack if I don’t spray him. As soon as I put the spray on him there are NONE around him. We used it too, all week camping and it’s great and smells awesome!! We are giving Jack Full Spectrum 600mg CBD also. Jack lost his brother almost a month ago and it has worked to help calm him. He has never been without his brother.

Sheila T. | WNY

Philly, 3 yo 'Feisty' Cavapoochon

My brother introduced me to The Cheeky Wolf Company- All Natural Dog Products, including insect repellent and CBD that we both use for our dog’s anxiety. The spray is easy to use and has been helpful in repelling ticks. Prompt delivery, friendly and helpful service. I highly recommend their products.

Kristen C. | Rochester, NY

The Gregg Pack love to Herd

I have 6 dogs that love running and hiking in the woods and with it being spring, along with hiking in the woods come ticks. I’ve tried a few different products to limit the ticks I was finding on my pack with no luck. I contacted The Cheeky Wolf Company, asked what they used for ticks and they recommended all natural tick spray that smells wonderful. Since using the spray, I’ve only found 2-3 ticks which some are dead out of all my dogs. Before using the spray I was finding tons on each dog. I even use it on my legs.

Denise G. | Lewiston, NY

Maggie and Lexie the 'Sweet' Corgis

My Corgi’s had a terrible reaction to flea bites and they developed a new grass allergy. They wouldn’t stop itching and their bellies were bright red. The both had severe hot spots on their paws and hind legs. I reached out to The Cheeky Wolf Company and they were so knowledgeable and kind. They suggested the healing paw balm, hemp seed oil and natural tick/flea repellent. I noticed improvement within a few short days! After using the balm, twice a day for 10-14 days, the hot spots DISAPPEARED! I add the hemp seed oil to their food once a day (and mine, too) for extra healing benefits. I highly recommend the Healing Paw Balm for any redness, hot spots or skin issues that needs soothing.

Kelly R. | West Palm Beach, FL

Riley, 6 yo old Chocolate Lab

Riley has been dealing with acid reflux for a year. I came across the The Cheeky Wolf Company at the WNY Sportsman show in March. After giving both of my dogs seaweed and hemp seed oil daily supplements, my lab no longer has acid reflux and knowing it’ll help her later in life with joint pain is a peace of mind. I’m so confident that I ordered healing paw balm and hemp seed oil for my son who’s pit mix is dealing with hot spots on her paw and licking. Thank you Cheeky Wolf Company!

Michael D. | Buffalo, NY

The Urban Pack

We’re a big pack, and enjoy the option to buy in bulk!! My dogs love the treats, and we have been using the all natural seaweed additive for quite some time and definitely noticed a difference after the first few weeks with both fresher breath and reduced plaque/tartar build up. We just recently started with their Full Spectrum CBD oil for my partially blind Aussie, and she’s show a huge difference in only a week. The normally on edge, anxious Pearl, who is triggered by any loud noise and would snap at the other dogs for walking by is now much more relaxed!! It’s transformed the dynamic of our pack for the better because Pearl is a happy member again. Love this company and all their products. 

Cara U. | Niagara Falls, NY



Lexie, 14 yo Pitbull Mix

“I am a 14 year old female diagnosed with doggy dementia. The Full Spectrum CBD oil has been helping me with pain, anxiety and sleeping at night.”



Nanook, 11 yo Siberian Husky

Thank you for providing a natural product that has been a big part of his recovery after pulling his ACL.

Victoria P. | Cambria, NY

Max, 4 yo Lab-Golden Rescue

Max loves your biscuits! Begs for them every day! I give him your hemp oil and dried seaweed in his food every morning. Max is a rescue from Texas and when I adopted him, his coat and teeth were a mess and he itched all the time. Shortly after using your products, his teeth are much cleaner, his coat is soft and shiny and he doesn’t itch! We also use the spray and snout stick. We absolutely love your products and tell other dog people about them!

Tina Marie | Rochester, NY

The 'Girls' Bindi & Belle

My rescued girls: Bindi (L) & Belle (R) have been getting the seaweed and hemp oil with their food since 3/8/19. They seem to be more playful and also, Belle’s UTI has cleared up! They love the biscuits too! So happy we found you and your great products and you’re local! Thank you for being you and bringing your business to life. My fur-babies are grateful too!

Tanya Q. | Millgrove, NY

Lexi the 'Golden Beauty'

I have been buying from The Cheeky Wolf Company for many years now. What I use most and buy in bulk are the Dog Biscuits and Dried Seaweed, which I put in Lexi’s food. She cannot get enough of he biscuits and knows the name ‘Cheeky Wolf.’ The biscuits are low in calorie so she gets one after breakfast, an afternoon snack, and one after dinner. This company is great, and the shipping is quick. I strongly support The Cheeky Wolf Company and all their healthy products!

Kerin B. | Paso Robles, CA

Roxie with Cheeky Wolf products

Roxie is up and walking around. She doesn’t seem to be in pain anymore and the hemp seed oil and CBD has helped with her hip and leg pain.

Mary Ellen C. | Hamburg, NY

Jaxson, 7 yo Boxer

My boxer with a sensitive stomach is thriving on your supplements.

Marie C. | Amherst, NY

Topher, 14 yo 'Inquisitive' Yorkie

Topher was diagnosed with congestive heart failure on 1/26/20 and was very lethargic, vomiting, diarrhea, unable to eat, drink or walk. After 4 weeks of taking CBD, Topher is doing 1000% better, he is now eating regularly and having regular bowel movements. He walks twice daily and seems very comfortable. There are no signs of pain or struggle. The only difference is he is now on heart medication twice daily and CBD oil three times a day. It is fair to say that I was told that there was nothing the vet could do and it was time to put him down. He wanted me to go in the following day and euthanize him. I don’t know how much longer I have left with my baby, but I can tell you he is acting like nothing ever happened! CBD oil and The Cheeky Wolf Company truly saved my boy. Words cannot express my gratitude! Out of all of this situation, the only thing that I think about daily is how many people listen to their vet and euthanize before trying alternative options as safe as CBD.

Kim J. | Lewiston, NY

Pavel, 7 yo 'Determined' Jack Russell Terrier

Pavel was diagnosed with Lymphoma in July 2019 and given a prognosis of 1-3 months. It has been 8 months since giving her CBD beginning September 2019 and is doing very well- eating, walking and playing! I recommend this product to others.

Maria Prygon | Lewiston, NY

Bristol, 4 yo 'Snuggly' English Bulldog

CBD helps her joint inflammation, aches and pains and alleviates her anxiety. Customer almost a year now. You’re the only company I recommend to friends and clients for their pets CBD needs.

David C. | Newfane, NY

Brandy & Ozzy, 7 & 8 yo Morkies

Thank for a wonderful product the hemp seed oil. My dog injured his ligament on his back leg last year. We have been using the hemp seed oil from The Cheeky Wolf Company on both our fur babies. Ozzy is so much better. We love this product and we just ordered 2 more bottles. Thank you.

Mark G. | West Seneca, NY

Abby, 10 yo 'Protective' Boxer/Shepard

I can’t say enough about your products! My 10 year old Boxer/Shepard mix Abby used to suffer from skin allergies, bad breath, gas, and anxiety. The constant itching and licking of her paws pulled at my heart strings. Her vet said to give her Benadryl which did help but I knew for her age it wasn’t good for her long term. Since starting the hemp seed oil, seaweed, and dog biscuits a month ago her symptoms have significantly improved! She no longer licks or chews her paws, her breath doesn’t stink, and she isn’t nearly as gassy as she used to be ! Her health overall has improved and she is so much happier ! We can’t thank you enough for creating such amazing, healthy, all natural products for our girl ! We are forever thankful to have found you!

Andrea J. | Buffalo, NY

Sophie, 10 yo 'Sweetheart' Pitbull

My Pitbull could not get it out of my hand fast enough and she loved it. Thanks! I will be buying more when I almost run out.

Lori F. | Clarence, NY

Boggle the Fancy Rat

My fancy rats Boggle and Catan love your hemp cookies!!! They are always so excited to get these delicious crunchy treats!

Lauren C. | Buffalo, NY

Mav, 5 yo 'Clever, Comical' Lab Mix

Mav loves the biscuits and I like that they are crunchy and clean his teeth. My order arrived so fast. So glad I came across you! Thank you!

Eileen B. | Abilene, TX

Sweet Dee, 3 yo 'Playful' Rottweiler

Sweet Dee tore her ACL and has arthritis in her knees and she’s still a playful three year old. She has zero discomfort now and can be her playful self with no worry, and I give a lot of credit for that to your product! I emailed with a ton of questions and got a response and all my questions answered very fast. We got our product (Full Spectrum CBD) a day after buying it. It came with samples of other products they have as well. These are high quality products that don’t cost a fortune. The products are all totally natural. And for me, it’s locally made so you can’t beat that.

Kristy G. | West Falls, NY

Scout, 9 yo 'Goofy' 9 Boxer

We have used the Cheeky Wolf seaweed for our boxers breath for a year now and it works very well for her breath and to harden her very loose stool. We love this product!

Anne K. | WNY

Bailey, 14 yo 'Spunky' Yorkie

I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the hemp seed oil seemed to work. Within a day or so, my little old man has a spring in his step again and doesn’t seem nearly as stiff or achy as he was before. The treats were also a success. I do have to break them up because he has a few missing teeth, but they definitely reduced his bad breath down to a very tolerable level. You definitely believe in your products and I understand why. Keep up the great work!

Virginia D. | North Tonawanda, NY

Rocky the 'Chill' Chihuahua Mix

Rocky, 1yo 5mo came to us with multiple bald spots and was underweight. Rocky is a great example of what big love and what great nutrition can do!! He was discovered as a stray and ended up in a high-kill shelter in Tennessee. He was rescued by Open Arms Rescue, and we adopted him from there. Here is Rocky feeling chill after eating his favorite cookie.

Christina V. | WNY

Farley & Pirate, Shepherd-Mixed Rescues

Just reordered the Hemp Seed Oil for Pirate and CBD for Farley. Pirate’s coat is shiny, no more dry skin and he has stopped chewing his paws. The CBD for Farley helps control his discomfort from his cancer and gives him a good night’s sleep. Thanks!

John | West Mansfield, OH

Louis, 16 yo Poodle

Louis was taking Carprofen twice a day but we were concerned about his liver. Our vet was also concerned but at 16, keeping him comfortable was more important. We are only giving the Carprofen once a day and the Hemp oil twice a day. He is running around fine and doesn’t seem to be in pain. Someday, we hope to get rid of the pills for good.

Bob V. | Grand Island, NY

Tyra the 'Playful' Pekingese-Poodle

I can’t recommend this product enough. Tyra is a Pekingese/Poodle mix. She was having issues with her back legs/hips… mobility and pain. It got to the point where she was crying in the middle of the night sometimes. She has not had any crying episodes since starting your product. Tyra is the oldest of our six dogs and the only girl… with the CBD in her daily regimen she is still able to keep them boys in line and play like she’s a pup.

Trisha T. | Clintonville, PA

Emma the 'Happy-Go-Friendly' Labradoodle

We met you at the event at the Richardson complex Sunday July 20. We bought some of your hemp oil tincture. I have no words to tell you what a difference it has made for our Emma. She has a torn CCL and an unattached meniscus. She is 12 so extensive surgery is not an option. The pain meds the Dr. prescribed for her were doing more harm than good. The NASIDs were ,causing her liver functions to skyrocket. The second pain med made her so zonked out she peed when she was sleeping. After 24 hours on the tincture she was no longer limping or whining. After 3 days she was trying to run and we had to make her stop and walk Slowly. I can’t thank you enough.

Stacy E. | Canalside Buffalo, NY

Tessa the 'Stubborn' Chocolate Lab

The seaweed for dog’s breath is great and the hemp seed oil helped our 10 yo lab act 5 again! Tessa started to have trouble getting around about last fall, vet says it’s arthritis in her knees. We tried glucosamine & chondroitin, didn’t seem to do much. They put her on meloxicam and that helped some. We started her on the hemp oil twice a day, the results were quick and amazing, she wasn’t struggling to get up or get around, she was running & chasing her tennis balls again with no limping. We have her taking it once a day now and she is great.

Susan W. | Canal Days Fairport, NY

Winnie the 'Fun-Loving' Goldendoodle

We love the Essential Oil spray! We use it on the dog and on us! Smells good, it’s not sticky, no chemicals. Great way to protect you dog and family from bugs!

Brenda B. | WNY

Shannon the 'Sassy' Airedale Terrier

Hello Cheeky Wolf Company from Tennessee. Our Shannon is an 11 year old Airedale Terrier. One of her health issues at this age is arthritic hips. She has many “lumps and bumps” in addition to a recent diagnosed heart murmur. Shannon has always hyperventilated and paced during our southern thunderstorms. So it makes us happy to share with you the results of using CBD. We are on our second bottle. Her behavior during these times has been much calmer to our delight, especially at night. Although we know she will never be 100%, we both feel that adding CBD as part of her daily regimen has made a difference in her activity level and behavior. We appreciate your business in helping us to care for, as we call our pets down here, fur babies. Here’s waggin’ at y’all!

Jerry & Sherry S. | Fairfield Glade, TN

Dibs the Disc Dog

Dibs injured himself last week during a disc competition. We put him on crate rest and gave him your CBD oil to help with pain, inflammation and to help him relax so that he could heal. IT WORKED! Dibs was able to compete the following weekend without concern! Thank you for making great quality products!

Barbara R. | Mt. Clemens, MI

Emma Lynn the 'Whimsical' Basset Hound

Highly recommend for pets with Allergies if you don’t wish to put them on medication. Our Basset Hound is now doing much better in just three days of using the healing hemp balm and hemp seed oil on her skin. Thank you for your amazing customer service!

Kayla W. | Rochester, NY

Nica the 'Intelligent', Miracle the 'Spaz', Warren the 'Antagonist'

I have 3 chi’s and one of them was biting the hair off his leg. I bought the hemp seed oil, add it to his food and rubbed it on his leg. He stopped biting and the hair grew back. The oldest is 11 and has seizures. The CBD oil put an end to them almost immediately. I swear by these products, my dogs love them and so do I. I highly recommend them! All of my dogs have to be gluten-free, they have allergies.

Kathrine H. | WNY

Moose and Kaine at Whirlpool State Park

We always take our tick repellent on our many adventures and we just love the hemp biscuits and healing hemp balm. We tell everyone to buy your products.

Nicole R. | LaSalle, NY

Phoenix the 'Energetic' Border Collie

The tick spray is crucial to keep me tick-free. I’m loving life since using Multi-Purpose Lemongrass Essential Oil Spray by The Cheeky Wolf Company.

Chicago, IL

Harley the 'Charmer'

My dog loves the Hemp & Seaweed treats…he’s super picky about his dry biscuits because he’s a gluten free and allergic to peas/pea protein, so our treat selection is extremely limited. I was so happy to see him begging for another one when he usually turns his nose away from other dry biscuits and treats. I’m excited that they will help with his bad doggie breath. Thank you for the samples, we will be regular customers!

Carey S. | Lockport, NY

Pilot the 'Gumptious' Border Collie

“I ordered a bag of treats to try and, not only was the packaging beautiful and full of fun surprises, but my dogs LOVE the cookies!

Chloe W. | Bennington, VT

Theodore the AKC Certified German Rottweiler loves Cheeky Biscuits!

I am sometimes ornery until I smell Cheeky Wolf dog treats. Theodore | Gambier, OH

Mia, long haired Dachshund "Loves our Cheeky Treats."

My dog who never eats anything literally scarfed it right up!! I also love that they are all rea ingredients!

Kate M. | WNY

Frankie, long haired Dachshund "Cannot get enough treats!""

My dogs love the the treats! Definitely will be back to try your other products!

Kate M. | WNY