Super Nutritional Dog Biscuits – BULK

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Nutritional Dog Biscuits – BULK
Net Wt 36 oz | 1020 g
Over 100 biscuits per bag (1.25″ diameter)
Bag Dimensions 9.25 x 13 x 4.75″
Equivalent to 3 individual 12 oz bags- Buy Bulk, 30% Savings
Available in 12 oz (340 g)

This Product Does Not Contain CBD
Revitalize Your Dog’s Daily Nutritional Regimen with Something Outrageously Healthy & Deliciously Different

We Satisfy The Pickiest of Eaters

Essential Omegas 3,6,9 for robust heart and brain.
Nutrient enriched boosts immunity and nourishes skin.
Promotes optimal oral hygiene and naturally freshens breath.
Natural enzymes for healthy digestion and gland function.

NO Preservatives, Additives, Artificial Ingredients, Sulfates or Infused Sugars

Human Grade Ingredients
Hemp protein flour, hemp seeds, seaweed, brown rice flour, coconut flour, chickpea flour, oat flour, flax seed, coconut oil, pure honey, salt-free molasses, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon

Why our Super Nutritional Dog Biscuits are Outrageously Healthy & Deliciously Different
We make sure every step is carefully thought out before reaching your dog’s palate. This is why we use a low temperature, two-stage heat convection oven baking process. During this baking method, preservatives are not needed and the nutritional integrity is never lost or compromised; resulting in healthy biscuits, the way Mother Nature intended. This process ensures that vitamins, minerals and nutrients are retained, while maintaining texture, color and flavor. Our goal is to provide wholesome goodness and that quality standards are met at both ends of the leash. Every ingredient we use has a health benefit and we pride ourselves on optimal health and longevity for your pet.
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This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Check how-to tutorials

General Instructions
Recommended Daily Serving: 1-3 Biscuits per day
Administering the biscuit as whole is best suited for larger breeds.
To soften; slightly dampen with water.
If too hard to break, use a spoon to crack into pieces. This method is ideal for smaller breeds, training/rewarding.
Makes a perfect nutritional food enhancer to satisfy hunger, boost immunity, freshen breath, support dental and digestive health.
Insert biscuit into a treat ball and let your dog enjoy the challenge of retrieving it. This technique reinforces positive behavior and keeps the mind stimulated.

Special Note
Our biscuits are hard and crunchy, making for a longer lasting and deliciously different experience. If you have trouble breaking them; place the biscuit in the palm of your hand (wolf facing down) and give it a whack with a spoon. For smaller breeds and finicky eaters, this technique works well when bits and pieces are better suited.

Storage Requirements
Store in a cool, dry place and keep away from direct sunlight
*Although we use all natural-wholesome ingredients, it is always wise to take precautions as puppies go though growth and development stages. Our biscuits are best suited for dogs over six months and those who are not pregnant.

This material is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by FDA.

2 reviews for Super Nutritional Dog Biscuits – BULK

  1. Tricia (verified owner)

    My Lil Boy comes running for his Cheeky Wolf. If I want him to come inside I say
    Cheeky Wolf and there he is. He absolutely love them. Thank you for making a treat he loves as much as he does me.

  2. Teresa P (verified owner)

    I have a very picky eater and he only eats these dog treats! The biscuits are just right for the bigger dog and can be broke in half for the smaller. Thank you so much for making a healthy treat for my furbaby!!

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