The Cheeky Wolf Company Story

The Cheeky Wolf Company is renowned for handcrafting nature-inspired recipes for dogs. We firmly believe that protecting the body is fundamentally important in maintaining healthy roots. Our health and wellness principles are packed with enriched nutrients to promote optimal health and longevity for your canine companion. Moreover, our natural-preventative approach allows a nurtured mind and body to heal itself. In essence, your pet can maintain a fruitful lifestyle. After all, a balanced physical and cognitive well being is life’s requirement. The Proof is in The Paw. 

In other words, we use elements that contain healing properties that have been proven effective in ensuring a robust immunity. For this reason, we adhere to uncompromising guidelines by adding no preservatives, artificial flavors or harmful chemicals to guarantee our products’ nutritional integrity remains protected; the way Mother Nature intended. Thus, we produce small batches for immediate purchase to avoid maintaining a mass volume inventory. As a result, we are able to fulfill our commitment and assure superior service is met at both ends of the leash.
As you discover the various health benefits our products offer, we hope you embark upon The Path To Cheeky. Let us join you in revitalizing your pet’s daily regimen with the finest roots sowed upon Mother Earth. Treat your dog to something Outrageously Healthy & Deliciously Different. 
Founded in 2017- Lewiston, New York