The Making of The Super Biscuit

In North America, "cookie" is internationally known as "biscuit" aka double-baked cookie. Traditionally, a cookie is soft whilst a biscuit is crunchy. Approximately 1.25" diameter.

Discover The Cheeky Difference

The Super Nutritional Dog Biscuit was created and inspired by nature; handcrafted from the finest roots of Mother Earth. When it comes to your pet’s health, we want the very best. We believe that healing through food is the best way to nurture the mind and body. Our natural-preventative approach supports a strong immune system, allowing functioning to remain vital; which is why we selected nature’s most powerful superfoods when creating The Super Biscuit. Nutrition is an important part in ensuring that the body’s multi-level defense system maintains balance; which means preserving your dog’s health. The Cheeky Wolf Company’s approach allows you have peace of mind knowing that your canine companion is receiving the essential nutrients they require to maintain a fruitful lifestyle. Freshly baked, preservative-free; the crunchiest, most appetizing and nutritional human grade dog biscuit that provides an Outrageously Healthy & Deliciously Different experience. 
They taste the difference and your special dog will love you even more. 

Why Cheeky?

A well nourished body will heal itself. The Cheeky Wolf Company focuses mainly on this concept which developed into an Outrageously Healthy & Deliciously Different daily nutritional dog biscuit; packed with an abundance of essential fundamental nutrients. The Super Biscuit contains natural digestive enzymes that assist in promoting optimally functioning glands and healthy metabolism. These macromolecules have a number of functions; mainly in the small intestine, pancreas, saliva glands and stomach. Their primary responsibility is that they break down food into individual nutrients so the body can absorb them properly. Insufficient consumption of enzymes produced during digestion can make this process difficult; resulting in low energy, mental fatigue, nutritional and oral health deficiencies. Additionally, poorly digested food in your dog’s digestive tract can also result in a variety of gastrointestinal problems of which excessive bloating and abdominal pain are just the early warning signs. It is important to note; the digestive system is keenly controlled by the brain and nutrient deficient levels affect the process of this system. Thus, we aim for a tail wagging experience because a happy pet is a healthy pet.
Let Food Be Thy Nourishment

Quality - Delivers Peace of Mind

The Cheeky Wolf Company adheres to quality control guidelines which is why every batch is freshly baked at minimally low temperatures. We use a slow-in-low, two-stage heat convection oven baking process. During this baking method, the nutritional integrity is never lost or compromised, resulting in healthy biscuits; the way Mother Nature intended. This process ensures that vitamins, minerals are retained; while maintaining texture, color and flavor. This allows for the essential nutrients to remain and only the benefits are consumed without any needed preservatives or artificial additives. Our plant based, human grade Super Nutritional Dog Biscuits promote a robust heart, healthy digestion and naturally freshen breath. The extraordinary health benefits contained in each ingredient makes them the perfect daily dose of vitamin enrichment your dog needs to thrive.


"I'm so thrilled to find your company! My sweet boy, Oscar is loving the biscuits and CBD Oil! Thank you for making such wholesome good things for our furbabies!"

Carol P. | Findlay, OH

Rocky feeling chill after eating his favourite biscuit.

Our Promise - Our Passion

No dog is more special than your dog. We ensure every step is carefully thought-out before reaching your dog’s palate. Our passion is optimal health and longevity for your pet; which is why each and every preferred cheeky-picked ingredient has a health benefit. Our promise is to provide wholesome goodness and that quality standards are met at both ends of the leash. For this reason, we satisfy some of the most finicky eaters – The Proof is in The Paw! 
They are different and your special dog deserves them.
Treat your dog to something Outrageously Healthy & Deliciously Different